President's Message

Happy 2021!

It is the start of a brand new year and I’m reminded of that old phrase, “time sure flies by.”  I sincerely hope that everyone reading this message had a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  My celebration was much different than the past without having personal contact with many of my extended family members and friends, but we tried to make it as pleasant as possible.

Perhaps you or one of your family members have had to deal with contracting the COVID-19 virus.  If so, I hope that everyone has fully recovered.  A couple of members of my family are now doing well after battling the illness.  Our own dear Joni Zimmerman had a bout with the virus and thankfully she is back to full strength.

There is so much bad, sad, and troubling news out there in the world.  I find that I must focus on the many positive things that surround us all.  Each day brings new opportunities and challenges to face us.  I personally strive to keep an open mind and heart; to have an “attitude of gratitude” for the many blessings I have received.  I wish nothing but the best for each of you, that you all will have a world full of love and mutual respect.

Since October, we have been offering monthly chapter programs via Zoom.  I’m pleased that so many of you have attended the presentations and I hope you have enjoyed them.  The technology works very well, but it will never replace being together in person.  As a reward to those who have attended our virtual meetings in the past, and into the foreseeable future, we will be sending those who register and attend an electronic voucher for $25 with Door Dash.  That way, you can still have “lunch” with your fellow Pikes Peak Chapter members. 

Daryl G. Robinson, FCSI, CCS, CDT, Pikes Peak Chapter CSI President